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Author: Shane Rushlo

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TechnoBass DJ Debbie D – How One Woman Helped Shape A New Generation For nearly three decades, DJ Debbie D has been at the forefront of the Breaks scene, expanding her influence across many genres; including the Electro Bass (Techno Bass) sub-genre, of which a whole new generation would come out of the Florida Rave […]

TechnoBass The Interview with Scott Weiser From Jackal & Hyde: Words Of Wisdom From A True Master Of The Sound! Scott Weiser is known to be a plain-spoken man. And when the “purveyor of the hardcore-Electro sound” gets the opportunity to talk about the syncopated scene, prepare for some lessons from a respectable veteran! For […]

TechnoBass The Return of Vinyl: The Good, The Bad, And The Underground                   Vinyl is back! Well, so they say, but did it ever really go anywhere? Obviously in the commercial industry vinyl hadn’t been around for a very long time, but in the underground it never truly […]

TechnoBass   Dark Vektor vs. The Blotnik Brothers – The Bass Academy Vol. 1                           Since its inception in 2000, French Fdb Recordings has given us regular rendezvous with the very best of Electro, and each one is always a surprising event we […]

TechnoBass DJ Debbie D – Like Dat                       Unless you grew up in Florida, then you may not realize that at one point, what people consider “Electro” and Breaks, were one in the same for many people. Partygoers during the height of the Rave era would often […]

TechnoBass Jackal & Hyde – Supermeng 3                     If you have been keeping up with the latest releases hitting the digital shelves, then you may have noticed the highly anticipated and warmly welcomed return of Jackal & Hyde to the scene. Well, if their latest vinyl […]