Q: What are the RULES for dj's?

A: Please follow the below list.

1. No illegal talk, giveaways over the air while broadcasting your show or filling in for another show.

2. No illegal substances on video while broadcasting your show or filling in for another show.

3. No illegal talk in the chat box.

4. No bullying or belittling other resident DJ's or listeners. (This will not be tolerated and you will be ask to leave the station.)

5. No arguing in the chat box (The chat box is a public forum - All post shall be language appropriate in the chat box).

6. Respect each others and listeners - Maintain a family environment. Treat others the way you expect to be treated.77

7. Shirt, pants and or short while broadcasting your show or filling in for another show.

8. Use language appropriate shoutouts while broadcasting your show or filling in for another show.

9. Don't promote another station on our site, air stream or social networking sites.

10. Report any unfamiliar activities to an admin. (Use your judgement)

11. Use positive attitudes with other Gremlin Radio representatives.

12. Use turntables, controllers (with jog wheels), and or CDJ's while broadcasting your show or filling in for another show.

13. Minimum shows per month that have to be filled are (3). If you are missing more than that Gremlin Radio will find a permanent Dj for the slot and will help you find another slot that fits your schedule.

14. If you are going to miss a show, PLEASE get a fill in from another resident Dj. Please use private messaging and confirm your slot is filled.

15. Have fun & DROP THE BASS!

Q: How do I set up my computer to stream live on Gremlin Radio YouTube.

A: Follow the below steps.

Streaming video is a completely separate stream from streaming audio. If you chose to run video (which I highly recommend you do), you still have to setup and configure

a shoutcast streaming tool. Please see the other FAQs, either BUTT [most recommended], Simplecast, Winamp with the DSP plugin, or NiceCast.

  1. Create a google account if do not already have one : GOOGLE 
  2. Create your Google+ account and follow the Gremlin Google Plus page 
  3. Contact an admin to add change your user classification within our YouTube page.
  4. Watch the Gremlin Video Tutorial (Video Tutorial) : This tutorial will help you setup a youtube live stream from start to finish.This is the video at the bottom of these instructions. (See Below)
  5. Download the FMLE Player [WIN] / [MAC] (See instruction below if you are installing on iOS 11.0 or newer)
  6. Download (XML file) as specified in the video Tutorial.
  7. Standard (thumbnail) shall be used on the videos.
  8. Use this format for the title. You can write whatever you want in the description box.

- Dj Name

- Show Name


- Date

Example: DJ Lp - Open Decks Studio Session - - 12-1-14.

If you are trying to download the FMLE and install on a MAC:

  • Open Terminal Window - Located @ application/utilities/terminal
  • Drag install file into terminal window and hit enter.
  • Hit enter!

Q: How do I get my mix set in the downloads section?

A: Upload your set to our FTP server. Here are some instructions.

  1. Login to the FTP server using windows explorer. (Note: **this is not Internet Explorer. Windows explorer is the same window that opens when you go to your “My Computer or Documents”).
  2. Open "My Computer" and type in the address bar. Press enter to connect. FYI: "My Computer", "My Documents" and "Windows Explorer" are all the same program and can all be used to upload your files to a FTP server.  (Note: **Internet Explorer will connect to an FTP server but will not upload**.)
  3. Type in the login provided. Uncheck "Log in anonymously" if it is checked. Click the "Log In" button to complete your login.


Username: promos

Password: promos


You should now be connected and you can copy your MP3 or WMA file to the server. You can drag and drop files back and forth or copy and paste files.

(Important Note: **Please create a folder with your name and drop the mix in the folder. Label the mix whatever you prefer. **)

Q: What social group will i be apart of as a resident DJ?

A: Two

The Gremlins:
This site is for the Gremlin Radio “Dj’s, administrators and promoters” only. This site is here to provide a private communication between all above parties while they share their port numbers, contact information, questions, technical issues, etc.

Don’t Post: Demos, Mixes, Promos, or outside Dj’s stuff. If you have any items in this category please post them on our Gremlin Radio (FAN) Page so our fans have access to you and your stuff. Do not add anyone to this page. We will add and delete as dj’s come and go!

Note: If you need a cover for your show use this page.

Gremlin Radio (LIKE) Page:
This page is dedicated to all of the true fans / true listeners of "Gremlin Radio". This place will be our fans "one stop shop" to receive your daily Gremlin updates.

  1. Post shall be Gremlin Radio related.
  2. Gremlin post will also link direct to our twitter if you keep your post under 140 characters. Twitter requires a 140 maximum.
  3. Pin Post is a feature on the group page that all dj’s may use. Not required! After your show is complete please un-pin your post so the next dj can pin post his show information. You do this by hovering your mouse over the top right hand side of the post. Once you see an arrow, click on it one time and the will be a drop down arrow that “PINS and UNPINS” post.

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