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Jackal & Hyde – Supermeng 3

Written by on December 3, 2017


Jackal & Hyde – Supermeng 3











If you have been keeping up with the latest releases hitting the digital shelves, then you may have noticed the highly anticipated and warmly welcomed return of Jackal & Hyde to the scene. Well, if their latest vinyl release “Bad Robot” wasn’t enough to make you move, then perhaps this punishing collaboration with Miami Bass overlord Otto von Schirach called  “Supermeng 3”, will get you poppin’ and lockin’ ’til you just can’t move anymore.

What I find the most interesting about this single, is that as with the previous release on Dominance Electricity; which by the way is the imprint once again hosting this great duo and guest artist, Jackal & Hyde seem to be slowly stripping their sound down to a more classic approach, that while still highly energetic, and still carrying vibes of their earlier works, seems to be aiming for an evolution of their sound, rather than being predicitve and appealing to the expectation that everything they do must be typical Electro Core, and must have a lazer beat if its to be J&H.

Here, we are presented with what sound like classic 909-styled drums; mainly the snares, that revel in their own glory as they race forward without looking back. The vocals by Otto von Schirach are wild and really well done, and as can be expected, carrying a bit of humor to them. Aside from contributing a little Bass to shake the bins as well, the rest was left up to the duo from J&H, meaning there is no shortage of amazing edits and mind bending sonic manipulations here. Soulful, yet dark and sinister synth layers, sequences gallore that spew into the track from every direction, and a highly “cinematic” construction to this song that creates a world of its own. Visualizing the story narrated with attitude by Otto is not difficult, if anything, a delight! Very unique, and yet one more unexpected release by the German powerhouse imprint. I like where things are going though, and the wider audience they will garner for the music by putting out this style of releases.

This title is available now in digital stores everywhere, including the label’s Bandcamp page, and will soon accompany some more Jackal & Hyde music on vinyl; which is sure to make for a tasty 12″ treat! Jump on this, and hit the decks! If there is one track that is gonna blow the roof off at your next DJ set, this is the one! The masses will either love it, or take cover as they wonder what will come from this fierce sonic attack on their minds. To them I say, don’t worry, Supermeng’s got this! So come out, come out wherever you are! 🙂



Written by: Santino Fernandez – TechnoBass

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